So I haven’t shared here on Versatility Beauty&Fashion that I did my second Big Chop few months ago, September to be exact.

natural hairThe reason for it was to primarily to shape my hair to a beautiful round Afro, but also to grow out my natural hair healthy. To keep and to grow out my natural hair healthy I have decided to only use the natural hair product line Sheamoisture since I have noticed that my hair responds to the product line beautifully.

Apart from “TLC:ing” my hair with Sheamoisture, protective hair styling I have been frequently wearing after my second big chop is Marley/senagelese twists using hair extension since it is the easiest way for me to install. I wear it for 2-3 weeks and when it is time to  unravel them I make sure I define and moisturise my hair properly.

marley twists

What I have also decided to do to keep my natural hair healthy is to visit hair saloon for professional hair care. I have been natural for over six years and what I have learned being a naturalista is that if you want to grow out your natural hair healthy visiting a hair stylist for professional hair care is a must!

Need the less to say if you are reading this I hope you got inspired of my healthy natural hair journey. My aim of growing a healthier hair is a part of the Versatility Beauty&Fashion’s Healthy Movement campaign.

If  you have done the big chop more than once please share on the comment field bellow. Also share if you are in consideration of going natural and why you have decided to do so.

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