“Seasons will come and go summer sun will turn to snow, that’s all I need to know. Sometimes life just isn’t fun clouds turned over without none I wouldn’t notice the sun”

Yes! You might feel a bit blue when you read the quote, but with Naomi Pilgrim‘s warm and soulful singing voice, the quote becomes more enjoyable to listen to. The “qoute” is taken from Naomi’s debut single “No Gun”, which was released October 2013.


Last week, this beautiful Barbadian-Swedish babe released a new single – a cover of the RnB group Lady’s “Money” where Naomi turns the original blissful sound of the song,  into a more funkier and playful sound. You can hear the cover  of “Money” at hypem.com where you can also help Naomi’s cover of “Money” make it to the top of the chart!


Click on play to hear the sweet sound of the blues “No Gun” and please share what you think of the song on the comment field down below. Enjoy!

Text: Charity Odum