Dry hair equals to breakage. But you can prevent it by using hair products that can provide nourish and moisture to your beautiful tresses.

The hairtextures coily and curly are the types that are driest since the texture of these types of hair prevents the sebum (the natural hair oil) to lubricate all the way down to the hair shaft.  For wavy and straight hair it is simpler for the sebum to lubricate the whole hair. However these hairtextures can also become dry depending on where on earth you are living. For instance in Scandinavia area during the winter harsh season the cold climate and the dry air can make your tresses crave for moisture.

My hairtexture is coily and my hairtype is dry. I have had used natural hair products from Desert Essance the Shea Butter series. Now I have tried another series from the same brand called Desert Essence- Coconut; that provides nourishment to dry hair, over-processed hair (such as relaxer or curlperm) or damaged hair.


I took a small amount of the The Desert Essence – Coconut shampoo and massaged mainly on scalp. Since the shampoo doesn’t contain sulfatees and parabeen my scalp didn’t get itschy at all and the scent of the shampoo smelled really nice which made me feel very comfortable and relaxing when cleansing my scalp.


After I rinsed out the shampoo with hot water, I took an amount of The Desert Essence – Coconut conditioner and my massaged into my coily hair and detangled it with my fingers at the same time.

Compare to the shea butter conditioner , the consistency of the coconut conditioner is thicker. But just as the shea butter, it can also work as a deep conditioner. So after I slightly rinsed out the coconut condtioner I took a new amount of it, massaged on both hair and scalp, detangled my hair again and steamed my coils with my huetiful hair steamer for 18 min. I than rinsed it out thoroughly with lukewarm/ cool water.

Before suming up this review, there is an oil that works really well to help your hair to get healthy, strong and promotes hairgrowth. Cold pressed Castor oil (ricin olja) fromCrearome. With regular usage of castor oil is purported to increase hair growth, reduce or prevent damage and breakage, treat dry hair conditions and condition and moisturize hair and scalp. The oil can be used to prevent hair frizz and/or split ends.


There are various ways you can use the oil for haircare treatment dependning on your hairtexture.

For those with straight or wavy hair before shampooing massage castor oil it into your hair, leave in for 1-2h and rinse it out with Desert Essance Coconut shampoo and thereafter condition it with Desert Essance Coconut conditioner. You can aslo allow the castor oil to stay in overnight for a deep conditioning treatment

For those with coily or curly hair you can either massage the castor oil into your hair and leave it in for 1-2h and than rinse it out with Desert Essance Coconut shampoo follwing it up with the Desert Essance Coconut conditioner. Or you can first cleanse your hair with the shampoo and than after mix the castor oil together with the conditioner and leave it in for 30min (if you are owner of huetiful steamer you can sit with it in 18 min.) You can also allow the castor oil to stay in overnight for a deep conditioning treatment as well.



I lovedThe Desert Essence –Coconut shampoo and conditioner.  I actually prefer this series than the sheabutter. I felt it made hair soft and my coils bouncy and strong. But what I truely loved about this particularly series is that The Desert Essence –Coconut shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all hairtextures with hairtype that are dry.

Would you love to try these products? Well these natural hairproducts are from the health food store Gryningen at Folkungagatan, Stockholm Sweden. You can purchase the hairproducts at their main store or onlinestore:http://www.gryningen.eu/.

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