My natural hair type is coily/curly and as we all know, curly and coily hair are the driest types of hair. Therefore it is very crucial for me to use hairproducts that provide moisture to keep my hair soft and manageable. I have had hard times finding shampoo that doesn’t dry out my coily tresses, since most shampoos contain sulfate that basically rips of the natural oils on your hair. Also, when washing my hair with shampoo my scalp gets very itchy. So I have been mainly washing my tresses with conditioner.

But finally I have found a sulfate free shampoo

The Desert Essence – Shea Butter shampoo, which is essential for dry hair like mine or processed hair.
I took a small amount and massaged mainly on scalp. I noticed that my scalp didn’t get itschy at all and it felt very comfortable and relaxing.

After I rinsed out the shampoo with hot water, I took an amount of The Desert Essence – shea Butter conditioner and my massaged into my braided hair.
The consistency of the conditioner is thick and can also work as a deep conditioner. So after I slightly rinsed out the condtioner I took a new amount of it, massaged on both hair and scalp and left it in for 15 min. I than rinsed it out thoroughly with lukewarm/ cool water.

My thoughts of The Desert Essence –shea Butter with wheat protein and vanilla cactus shampoo and conditioner is that I am very pleased! Especially because my scalp did not get itschy after using the shampoo. Even though my hair is braided with extansions I can feel my coily mane is really soft. The fragrance of the hairproducts are very fresh and fruity and leaves my hair smell tropically.

Another product I would like to introduce you to is Emma Noël -shea butter balm with coconut oil.
This amazing product is natural and moisturizing. It can be used on your body, your scalp and to seel in the moisture on your coils or curls. What the shea butter balm also can provide is strengthening and promote nail growth. How amazing!!!

Would you love to try these products? Well I got these natural hairproducts from the health food store Gryningen at Folkungagatan, Stockholm Sweden. You can purchase the hairproducts at their main store or onlinestore:

Text: by Charity Odum
Photos: taken by Charity Odum

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