Versatility Beauty&Fashion is in awe how the natural hair movement is still evolving especially in the social media plattforms, since the movement inspires girls, women and men with kinky and curly hair to embrace their natural hair.

natural hair
We at Versatility Beauty&Beauty love the fact that the natural hair enthusiasts and influencers have inspired women with textured hair to stop chemically straight relax their tresses. They have inspired women to either grow their hair out naturally or to drastically cut it off, in other words do the Big Chop.

Like the natural hair community a fitness work out that has inspired many with help of social media is Yoga.

natural hair yoga

Since natural hair and Yoga lies close to our hearts we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to share three Naturalistas who does yoga we love to follow on Instagram .


natural hair yoga

Jess Taras makes Yoga looks so effortlessly easy and her flexibility is beyond amazing. But what we mostly love about Jess Taras is  her sassiness of portraying her Yoga exercises.

@yogarachealnatural hair yoga

Racheal brings out the creativity of Yoga and we love her choice of active wear with together with African turban.


natural hair yogaMae who is also known as Naturalchica, is one of thee Natural hair gurus who has joined the Yoga evolution. She is a newbie  and we love to follow her progress in being a master in Yoga.

Please share if you also like to follow these beautiful ladies and share why you do.

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