New Year, New Beginnings. A typical phrase most of us utters when entering into a new year, having this beautiful energy of wanting to accomplish dreams and goals for us to simply grow and flourish.

As for me, I want to share a dream and goal I have encountered over the years with leaders, coaches and through necessary studying. I have finally taken that leap of becoming a Certified Life Coach. It is a step I have taken to truly value the guidelines and knowledges I have gained through the years from other great life coaches and leaders. I am starting off my Life Coach journey here at Versatility Beauty&Fashion and see how it will evolve from there.

If you are reading this feel free to reach out by sharing anything you feel you need help with for instance your goals you want to achieve this year of 2019, by leaving your questions on the comment field bellow.You can of course choose to be anonymous when leaving a comment.

Thank You and let the journey of becoming the best version of you begin!

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