It stands New York mini street fashion because I came up with taking street fashion pictures just the day before leaving the city that never sleeps. In addition to that it was raining that day, plus with my soft Swedish persona it was hard to stop and convince a New Yorker letting me take a street fashion shots of her. However that changed when a woman (if you are reading this thank you!!!) I wanted to take picture of, who said no but insisted to help me to find ladies who were willingly to pose for me, told me that I had to toughen up a little, be a bit “over-the-place” and be a “New Yorker” in order to succeed with my “project”. So with her advice I switch my attitude a bit “Swaggier” and successfully took pictures of these stunning ladies.

 street fashion new york street fashion new york1 street fashion new york2 street fashion new york3 street fashion new york5 street fashion new york7
street fashion new york8
Text: by Charity Odum
Photos: taken by Chariy Odum