Versatility Beauty&Fashion ought to write about Fro Girl Ginny, but now more known as Nia The Light, for finding the courage of letting go of what she used to define who she was, her curly bouncy hair.

Nia The Light“My relationship with my hair became less about self love and more about validation.I couldnt go out without my hair big, all my pictures had to have hair covering my face and ultimatly I became my hair” – Nia The Light

Nia The Light has been known for her big bouncy curly hair and has have events meeting women across the globe to celebrate of embracing their natural hair. In 2016 Nia came to Stockholm Sweden and collaborated with Versatility Beauty&Fashion for the Naturals of Scandinavia.

One of the attendees got inspired and did the big chop.

Now that she is the one who has done the big chop, on her instagram account she gives thanks to everyone for allowing her to become who she was and now she is taking the journey of letting go to the discover who she truly is.

Nia The Light


“What I have learnt from this journey is, I am not my hair. I am a young, divine and intellegent woman who has a journey ahead of her  with love, light and strength!” – Nia The Light

Nia The Light


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