Sometimes the media are not the only one that have the power to affect people. We people do not realize how much power we actually have.

In the last 10 years people have showed their irritation to the media that are obsessed with representing one ideal of woman’s body. And sure enough their frustration has made some companies change their direction on representing what beauty really is.

In December 2012, a Swedish lingerie brand named Twilfit celebrated their 90years of existence. With that they had a collection-campaign called Every Body!

On their advertising posters they uttered:

“We are fat and slim. Curvy and skinny. Some have the goods in front and some on the back. Some of us are natural, others have helped their natural beauty on the way. And that just the way it is. In 90 years we have helped women to find lingerie that fits their unique body. And we are going to continue with that. For our anniversary campaign we have invited our costumers to be our models. And this is the result” (text translated).


Versatility Beauty&Fashion can’t ignore to show great love to Twilfit’s anniversary campaign. This shows that they are ready to break the one ideal of a woman’s body; That no “body” should be discriminated. Every shape, every size and every body should be seen as beautiful, just the way it is.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion hopes that this is not a one time phenomena, but that Twilifit will continue to have these amazing advertisements: Representing diversity of Women’s Body!

Text: Charity Odum

Image: Twilifit