“Why have I been hiding it from time to time? I mean it is a part of me and has been a part of who I am and becoming.” ~ Charity

My aspiration to inspire others has always been there and that is one of the reason why I created Versatility Beauty&Fashion. But you have to practise what you preach, not only through words but also through action.  Therefore through this post I have decided to share what I have been hiding from time to time.

My right arm is “deformed”and has been since birth. Some part of the nerve system of my right arm is damaged and affects my movements.

versatility beauty and fashion

Loving being physical it has been challenging at times knowing I can’t do “normal” movements with my arm,  but hey it has never stopped me from enjoying working out. I have always found my way through.

versatility beauty and fashion

versatility beauty and fashion

My right arm for me is a symbol of hardship but through it all I am here and still going strong. My right arm is a symbol to always press myself to do my best, to always be creative and finding ways and solution to grow either it is physically, mentally or emotionally.

“Beauty is more than your physical appearance” ~ Beyoncé

I do not want to hide my arm no more. It is part of me! I honor my body through exercise and by working out I feel emotionally and mentally stronger. And today was the day I felt strong to share what I have been hiding from time to time.

versatility beauty and fashionI hope I have inspired you to join the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion 2017.

Feel free to share your ways to live a healthy lifestyle and/or your goals to achieve healthier lifestyle this year of 2017 on the comment field down below. You can also share your healthy life journey on social media by using the hashtag #healthymovemntvbf2017.

Lets come together and enjoy the movement!

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