“I may have slim butt, but I have cellulite and stretch marks and I love them. It’s not trying to make Victoria Secret do something they dont want to! Its about that they have models they have a sit fits the idea of FANTASY – I want to show that we are all beautiful, we are all sexy, we are all wanted and most importantly we can all be a fantasy!” –  Joanne, the founder of Nunude

These are the words of the owner and the founder of Nunude, expressing her cause of having the models of Nunude in collaboration with Love Disfigure (campaigners of diversity) standing outside Victoria Secret in Oxford Circus, London UK, making a statement that a woman’s body comes in different shapes and forms.

We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion salute and admire the “falling angles” of Nunude of making this important statement. We hope this will bring change into Victoria Secret’s mindset of representing more diversity models when it comes to different shape, size and form of on their next runway show.

Do you agree or disagree?

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