Nünude, a fashion collection Versatility Beauty&Fashion truly adores, since it is a collection that has every beauty and skin tone in mind.

Nünude collection is created by two driven women Joanne and Vaby. Their ambition is to break the ideal of the color “nude”  on creating the best colors they can to match universal skin tones. Joanne and Vaby are very aware that there are many different shades of ‘nude’ and everyone’s skin colour suits a different tone.
As part of their pursuit to redefining nude Joanne and Vaby have started a petition to change the definition of Nude in the Oxford dictionary. If you’d like to sign up click here.

Nünude is one of the fashion collection we love to follow on Instagram. Please follow them @nunude_official and join their journey in providing their hashtag #nudeforall

On Feburary 26th Nünude will have Fashion show called Diversity Show in London, UK. The tickets are already sold out, but we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are looking forward for the outcome of the fashion show.