Last week I visited the beauty salon Natticole to try out threading for the first time. I had previously only heard of the method as an oriental and luxury beauty treatment from the Middle East. I was nervous how the result would turn out as my skin is really sensitive. I also have a scar on my right eyebrow since I was a kid. I am not a fan of pain so that was also a bit nerv wracking . At the salon I’ve got a warm welcome by  Mina who is he owner of Natticole. She calmed me down by giving me a great consultation. She explained to me the benefits with threading, such as that it’s more gentler to the skin and that after a threatment the hair will grow back softer and thinner than before. The plan for me was shaping my eyebrows and removing the fuzz on my upper lip.

marianatticoleOf course , she discovered my scar immediately and explained that through her thread technology she would create an illusion of symmetry between them.She began the treatment by applying an Iranian mineral mask on my face and then she twisted a cotton thread between her fingers and began removing the hair from the root , which didn’t hurt at all. It was rather a nice feeling, similar to peeling.

The treatment took approximately half an hour and she finished by dabbing  aluminium acetotartrate solution to prevent infection and to soothe the skin.

Maria, before and after

The result was awesome, I have never in my life had such good looking eyebrows. It opened up my eyes and gave me a clearer look. Not to mention my baby smooth skin.

For 100 SEK a month I will definitely do it again.

Click on play to watch my experience of being threaded by Mina.

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Text: by Maria Hultberg

Photo: by Charity Odum