Reminiscing the time when we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion met a woman on the streets of Stockholm taking street fashion photoshoots for the authentic me campaign. While taking photos of this lovely woman we asked her if she could define her authenticity. She replied she never take her time to fully think who she really is, which she thought was terrible.That the only thing she does is to wake up in the morning, go to work, hit the gym or meet friends, goes home, eat dinner, sleep and round and round it goes. Whew, how many of us can relate to that?

The purpose of this article is to inspire you to take your time paying attention to your senses wherever you are, to make you more connected to your Being.

Paying attention to your senses that is of sound, taste, touch and what you perceive will surly make you mindful. Paying attention to your senses through conscious breathing will give you permission to reconnect and recharge yourself knowing who you truly are.


Here are 5 reasons of how paying attention to your senses improves your health and being:

  • You are training your attention to focus.
  • You will calm your mind
  • You will be kinder to yourself
  • You will realise you have the power to shift your mind on what you really pay your attention to
  • You will know your authenticity and who you truly are

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Text: Versatility Beauty&Fashion
Image: @theshelahmarie

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