As we are closely heading the end of this year of 2017,  we automatically recall  about the things we have accomplished; things we could have done better and things we are truly proud of.

As for me, what I have could done better is to publish amazing content for you guys. What I am however proud of is that I have been living a healthier lifestyle where I have retaken my work out to the max, eating more Green and also retaken my meditation and prayers.

healthy movement

Running Day with Bjorn Borg

So lets say to reinvent and continue with the Healthy Movement with Versatility Beauty&Fashion campaign. Starting strong at the end of this year and continue the great success of the New Year that is a head.

Tomorrow I will take you guys with me to the gym through our Instagram where you will see me do physical test together with one of the most talented PT instructor Johanna Salminen from Sweden. The purpose of the physical test is to find out how old I am depending on how fast I will run 2km.

Follow my physical test through our Instgram Stories.

How old do you think I will become running 2km at:

  • 15min?
  • 10min?
  • 5min?

Give your answer on the comment field down bellow.

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