Meditation has always been a core key for me to know what and when to do things.It is a way for me to stop and reflect on why I am doing what I am doing and if it is worth the effort. To be honest it has been a while since I have been meditating, until yesterday I went to a seminar about how to handle stress and how meditation can really help you to focus on what is important for you and also focus on what makes you happy.

So before we started mediating the lecturer of the seminar explained that meditating isn’t only about having a silent mind, but that it is about listening to the right thoughts which gives you the energy you need. Moreover, meditating  guides you to focus on the  tasks or goals that truly matters to you to know how realistic it is to achieve your goals.

We mediated for less than 10 minutes and during that short period of time it made me realise that I was out of balance, that I haven’t been prioritising my energy in the way I should.

But I am grateful over my realisation, because it made me understand how important it is to meditate daily to stay focused. Meditation is truly about building your mental muscles to be positive and to always focus on the light.

What about you? Do you meditate daily or did you used to meditate daily? Do you agree that meditating does help you focus on the things that makes you happy? 

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