Few weeks ago I tried out the skin care product Precious Skin Glamorous from the skin care line Fleur de Santé for a week. You can read my review of Precious Skin Glamorous here .

So now I have jumped to the another skin care series of  Fleur de Santé called Dermatific – It is a 2in1 facial cream and eye cream for daily and nightly use with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients from exotic moringa oil from North West India and Shea butter from West Africa.


I applied Dermatific face cream on freshly washed face in circulation movement both day and night. The consistency of Dermatific is light but yet thick and has nice and soft smell.


As with any other eye-cream I applied the Dermatific Eye cream underneath the eyes and the eyelids both day and night. The Dermatific eye cream gave me a soft and cooling feeling.

From the scale of 1-5 I will give Dermatific  4.


Please share if you have tried Dermatific cream series and how it works out for you.

Please also share your thoughts about the skin care or any other skin care products from Fleur de Santé.

You can find Dermatific skin care series online at www.fleurdesante.se

Text: Charity Odum

Photos: Charity Odum