The products from the skincare line Fleur de Santé that I found interesting to try out are Pure Clean, Dermatific and Precious Skin Glamorous.

The one I have tried out for a week  is  Precious Skin Glamorous consisting of day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum. It claims that with its active ingredients liftonin that softens your skin, ronaflair that strengthens your skin elasticity and the precious stone tourmaline that increases the blood circulation on your skin in collaboration with natural ingredients of jojoba oil from central America and glycerine that moisturizes your skin.

precious skin glamorous

I started off with the Precious Skin Glamorous-Night cream and of course I rinsed my face before I applied the Precious Skin Glamorous-Night cream. The consistency of the night cream is thick. When applying the cream on my face in circulation movement I immediately felt how moisturizing it was and left my face feel soft like a baby’s skin.

precious skin glamorous night cream

The next day I applied the Precious Skin Glamorous -Day cream, in circulation movement on freshly washed face. And as the night cream it also left my face feeling soft and moisturized. The consistency of the day cream is thinner than the night cream.

precious skin glamorous day cream

Lets not forget about the Precious Skin Glamorous-Eye cream, which I applied underneath the eyes both day and night.

precious skin glamorous eye cream


How to put an eye cream is very essential since the skin underneath the eyes is the thinest skin of the entire face. If you rub it will create wrinkles.

Here is a video on how to put the Precious Skin Glamorous the day cream and the eye cream.

From the scale of 1-5 I will give Precious Skin Glamorous  4,5.

Please share if you have tried Precious Skin Glamorous cream series and how it works out for you.

Please also share your thoughts about the skin care or any other skin care products from Fleur de Santé.

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Text: Charity Odum

Photos: Charity Odum