She was slowly riding her bicycle on the pavement street and saw a couple walking towards her. As their roads met she stopped and offered them to pass by. The woman kept on walking but the man was till standing and was furiously watching her and started to yell at her. His response surprised her but she was still calm and repeated he could pass by. As the man refused she decided then to lead her bicycle but as she did she suddenly felt a hit on her right arm. She looked right into his eyes and shouted “What are you doing?” The man became silent.

She shook her head and continued leading her bicycle to meet up her loved one. As she was the scenario that just happened repeatedly played in her mind and went into chock. Her loved one saw her and gently grabbed her arms asking her why she was crying. As she told her loved one what had happened she felt safe especially when she saw the amount of force her loved one had chasing after the coward that fortunately for his own sake got away with his car.

As she refused to repeat the scenario in her mind she quickly wanted to move on. But the day after she started to feel the pain in her right arm which reminded her of the scenario. She started to regret that she did not brought attention to the matter, but then again felt it would have not been worth it. Instead as she knew the pain of her arm will decay she also knew she would heal in time. However she decided to use this incident as her testimony that she stood up for herself, she muted the coward with a powerful question, she shook her head and continued her life knowing she is surrounded by people who values her and loves her.

“Sometimes life will knock the shout out of you” -Oprah Winfrey

Today she is outmost grateful of the incident because she perceives it as a short set back but knows that the Creator of the Universe is preparing a major comeback for her. She has recovered and has discovered her upgraded worth and power!

This story is a true story and is dedicated to all the girls and women to find their inner power and to refuse abuse of any kind. You are worthy and you matter! Protect yourself and dare to find the courage within you to swim up to surface letting the abuser drown in the ocean while you become the ocean. You see you have the power to rise and be safe!

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