H&M does it again!

H&M have come to grips that beauty is diverse and are continuously striving to represent versatility of beauty in their campaigns.

The new face of H&M collection for curvy women is the beautiful, freckled, red headed, curly naturalista, Swedish-Gambian model Sabina Karlsson.



Sabina Karlsson was one of the top candidates at the Scandinavians Top Model cycle 3 (2007). But back then she wasn’t curvy -she had the “ideal body” of being a model, that however changed in 2011 and since then her modeling career flew rocket sky high.

Sabina transformation from being a slim model to a plus size model

“In the beginning I didn’t realize how many opportunities there are as a plus size model, because I thought the only way you could be a successful model is to be a skinny model.” Sabina Karlsson explaining in an interview with Ashley Graham about her weight gain. If you want to see the interview click here

Versatility Beauty&Fashion loves that Sabina Karlsson is the new face of H&M plus size collection. Although there has been critiques about Sabina being chosen for representing the plus size collection, since she has size 40 and not size 44-54.

“All of our plus-size models have between size 44 and 54…She fits size (EU) 44 and that is also the size of the clothes she is wearing in our pictures” – H&M press contact Håkan Andersson

Choosing Sabina Karlsson as being the face of H&M plus size collection did not only make people angry, but also the fact that H&M was lying to their customers .

What do you think of Sabina Karlsson being the face of H&M new collection for curvy women?

Do you agree or disagree that H&M should have chosen a “real” plus size model to represent the new collection?


Text: Charity Odum