On March 11th 2011, in Sofis Mode – a beauty magazine from the Swedish News Paper Aftonbladet, Sofi and a hairstylist Corinne Henriksson did a colaberation with presenting Hollywood’s hottest hairstyles. Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Leona Lewis, Beyoncé Knowles were the ladies that had the hottest hairdoos in Hollywood.

As suprised as they were, Versatility Beauty&Fashion couldn’t believe the image of Beyoncé Knowles a.k.a Sacha Fierce that was depicted in Sofis Mode. The RnB star has long been accused for being ashamed about her blackness because of her looks: the blonde bleached hair, and her light skin that many believe she obtained by using bleaching or highlightcream; a cream that contains dangerous chemicals that diminish the pigment from your skin (more about highlightcream will be soon discussed here at Versatility Beauty&Fashion). Because of the accusations of being ashamed about her blackness, miss Beyoncé took her chance by being the cover girl for the French fashionmagazine L’Officiel, Marsh 2011 issue. The Marsh edition was speciel infact L’Officel celebrated their 90th anniversary and with that they wanted to bring out and celebrate the African Fashion being more welcomed in the Western fashionworld.

beyonce lofficiel

As said, Beyoncé was the one that beautified the cover of L’Officiel Marsh special edition and was also spread inside the magazine. For the editon Beyoncé used herself as an art by wearing different African traditional garments (one of the dresses were designed by her mother Tina Knowles)which represented diversity of African Goddess. She also darkens her light skin down with dark makeup. Click on the video to watch from the behind scene Beyoncé working together with the French fashionmagazine L’Officiel.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion wants to know your opinion: what do you think about how Beyoncé handled the accusation about her looks. What do you think her message was? 

Text: Charity Odum

Image: L’Officel