According to Metro Sweden, making skinny models looking healthier is the new trend for editors in chief of beauty and fashion magazines. For instance the Swedish fashion magazine Vecko Revyn, in their June issue models will be manipulated and retouched especially the legs and hips, for them to appear curvier or in words “fatter”, with help of Photoshop. The models that have been retouched will be marked with the word “fatted”. The reason for this is that fashion agencies are constantly booking and sending anorectic-looking models to big fashion shows around the world. This then makes it is hard for the chief editors to choose pictures of models they want to illustrate in their magazines.

Nicole Trunfino by Aram Bedrossian for LoveCat Magazine
Nicole Trunfino by Aram Bedrossian for LoveCat Magazine

To end this problem for good, the Brittish Vouge have presented in their June issue- an health-initiative contract where editors in chief of Vouge in 19 countries have signed to not cooperate with models that look malnourished or under age. Vouges aim with this project is to promote a healthier perspective of a woman’s body.

Versatility Beauty&Fashion loves this idea, but we are curious of what you think of the battle between fashion agencies and the editors in chief of beauty and fashion magazine:

Will this affect the fashion agencies to only book models with curves for big fashion shows?

Is healthy/curvy body the new ideal of a woman’s body?

Text: Charity Odum