healthy body

These images above are few of many illustrations that are spread all over the Internet and social media such as tumblr, instagram and facebook, demonstrating that in reality women’s body is diverse; either your body is skinny, slender, curvy or bootylicious, being strong and healthy is the new deal! I certainly love the idea of these images of what they represent and can only imagine that it has inspired a lot of young girls and women to have healthier thoughts about their bodies; being aware of what to eat and work out more than often to become strong or to stay strong. But how often should you be working out? How often is too much?

Recently, according to SVT young girls have taken it to the extreme when working out. When slightly injured, they take “painkillers” to decrease their pain and in order to continue with their training. The Swedish sports physician Dr.Klas Österberg has received girls and women who are into sports that want to make it to the elite. He claims that more and more of his patients have stress factures, which indicates that they have been working out even though they should take a break from training.

A lot of girls and women feel that they have to work out even if they are in pain and therefore see the painkiller as their solution to keep on working out. But studies have shown the combination of working out and taking ”painkillers” is very risky for the health; Besides from injurers that are prevented from recovering, taking prescription medicine daily can give you liver injury, stomach ulcers and heart attack.

“If making this combination (working out and taking painkillers) as your fitness lifestyle – than that is very alarming”, says Dr Österberg

When I told this reports to my friends they were upset and one of them said:
“This is a sign that there are people who are taking weight lose or staying in fit to the extreme. Diet pills used to be a solution for many women (and girls) to loose weight and to keep their weight in course. Now they have realized that working out is a far better way to lose weight and have replaced diet pills with painkillers. The painkillers give them the opportunity to continue working out in order to have the ability to keep their weight in course.”

Do you agree or disagree of my friend’s theory about painkillers have replaced diet pills?

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who takes painkillers instead of taking a break from working out when injured?

How many days in a week do you think is normal or necessary to work out to stay strong and healthy?

Text: Charity Odum