Being an ambitious character is a beautiful thing when the asset of your eager character is used in the right way. However, using it to achieve something with your own strength can lead to frustration. When that type of feeling occurs it is a sign you have allowed your ego taking over your wheel when the GPS is actually there for you to guide you to the destination you envisioned yourself you want to arrive to.


Even when you are alone it takes two to make things flourish. When coexisting with the Creator of the Universe who will help you to become creative and making your dreams come true, you have to Let Go(d) and surrender it to all that is.

On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided” Genesis 22:14

So again being an ambitious character is beautiful, though the key is to be enthusiastic with love and passion. Only then you will arrive to your destination with peace and gratitude.

Text: Versatility Healthy You
Photo: @laura_elizaabethh

Please comment if you like this post and share your story of what happened when you decided to Let Go(d) and surrendered to All that is.

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