So H&M apologizes to their customers for letting this handome black boy model wearing the hoodie stating”Coolest monkey in the jungle”. Even though H&M has appologized, this bad advertisment has given H&M the visibility they needed online to promote their brand.

hm coolest monkey in the jungle

H&M may have apologized for their ignorance, however we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to emphasis and question Holidays and campaigns having strong racist  background that many retail companies still until this day promotes their products for sale.

The strongest example is SinterKlaas, a holiday celebrated in the Netherlands before Christmas. According to VOX, St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch) lives in Spain, arrives in Holland by boat every year with a team of black assistants in tow, and spends a month delivering presents to children across the country. Ever since the release of a children’s book in 1850, however, that myth has included a black caricature named Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete. VOX also states that some people say Black Pete doesn’t have black skin; instead, he’s just covered in soot from delivering presents through the chimney. Others say he’s St. Nicholas’s friend, and has never been a slave caricature. But historically, none of the defenses really hold up.

Even though companies that promote their brands through holiday campaigns such as SinterKlaas must understand they no longer can afford being ignorant. Just as the way companies are promoting for using sustainable garments into their designing of clothes for the sake of the climate, we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion challenges companies and their marketing and creative staff to understand the importance of sustainable communication; to do their research before sending their message through marketing. Or in other words hire people who have the knowledge and competence whithin structuralism and post colonialism.

In the last 5 years many companies are approaching to social media influencers and bloggers to promote their brands and products. However, companies must understand just as Versatilty Beauty&Fashion, many of influencers want to perceive diversity on advertisements. Moreover, influencers are more keen to promote companies that  authentically stands for something, in this case being against Racism.

Even though this little boy happens to be a victim of this awful campaign, we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to believe that H&M did not only gain visiblity. Versatility Beauty&Fashion like to say This little boys modelling future is bright!

What are your thoughts of retail companies making bad advertisements to achieve attention in order to promote visibility to their brand?

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