Summer is definitely here!
And most of us women have the eager to do highlights or bleach our entire hair blond. Versatility Beauty&Fashion advice is, if it is the first time you want to turn your tresses partly or fully blond, visit a hairstylist who will bleach your hair professionally and will also give you advice how you should take care of your new highlighted/bleached hair properly.


If you are a strong D.I.Y (Do it yourself) lady and you really want to transform your hair blond on your own, have this in mind;

Your hair will become drier after you have bleached it. If you ignore it you will unfortunately suffer for hairbreakage. Therefore you will need:

-Hairproducts that will restore moisture to your hair as well as products that contains protein that will repair your hair.

-Nourish your hair with carrier oils such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castro Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil etc.

-Deep conditioning (once a week) is a must for a bleached hair. If you want to intensify your deep conditioning treatments, hydrate your hair with a hairwrap or steam your new bleached blond hair with a Hairsteamer.

Will you do highlights or bleach your hair blond this summer?

Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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