We all can agree happiness and smile brings light into the world.
But we also know that authenticity brings an awakened light into the world when we speak our truth! With that being said, it is OK to be sad, angry or frustrated because it is natural and is a way to express our emotions being triggered. However, how it is revealed defines the fruit you carry within you, that is if you have been taught to face your triggered emotions in order for you to see the patterns you need to heal and let go in your inner world. If you haven’t been taught to face your triggered emotions in a healthy way but instead have been taught to just put on a smile on your face even if you are unsatisfied with certain situations, toxic energy could grow within you.

No one is perfect and we all can fall in the pattern of expressing our triggered emotions in ways that activates the other persons triggered emotions which makes both of your worlds collide.

Sharing your truth is vital in order for you to understand what needs to be healed. For it to be healed it is essential for you to be coherent, that is to both listen on what is being said and what emotions are being triggered within you.

The real work for you is to see within you, what you need to let go in order for you to be fully healed. Being coherent creates a space of love for you and your “debater”.

Remember the best relationshop you can ever have is with yourself. When you take your time loving yourself, being in the present moment and practising on being coherent only then true and authentic love and light will come in and through you.

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