There is a story of man who once was arrested for being one of many voices longing for freedom and democracy of their nation. Though being innocently incarcerated he still had a strong mindset of seeing his country being free and only saw his imprisonment as an opportunity taking his time envisioning the dream he had for his country. In his cell he daily envisioned himself of the dream he had for his country and the change he wanted to see. This dream of his manifested in such way that it did not only effected his cellmates and his nation but effected the entire world. Being finally released after 18 years imprisonment, this man was no longer one of many voices longing for freedom and democracy of their country. Nelson Madiba Mandela became the change he wanted to see; The Voice of South Africa’s freedom from Apartheid!

If Madiba could so can you!

The story of Madiba became more real, powerful and metaphoric when I visited Rhobben Island, South Africa, the Island he spent his time innocently incarcerated. Real and powerful the fact that visting the island where he envisioned his freedom for himself and his country. Metaphoric that I being a free woman should value my time being fully present, envision and visualise dreams the creator of the universe has in store for me and having the motivation and courage taking action upon them.
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I believe the most valuable gift you can give yourself is taking time to be more fully present! – Oprah Winfrey

One of my dreams is continuing my work with Versatility Beauty&Fashion of creating a space where women of every ethnicity around the world can feel a sense of representation. Furthermore, my purpose with Versatility Beauty&Fashion is for you to get inspired and motivated of becoming who you truly are by reading motivational articles written here and interviews of enthusiastic women sharing their story of being influential through the campaign Be The Change You Want To See.

If you are an enthusiast feel free to be a part of “Be the Change You Want to See” campaign by sharing your story and how you can make an impact of the change you want to see on the comment field below.


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