Taren Guy is known as one of the most natural hair influenser on social media; she is one of the YouTuber Natural Hair Gurus who has inspired her viewers to learn and to love their  natural hair. Taren Guy started her natural hair journey by cutting off her hair in other words she did the Big Chop. Her decision of doing the Big-Chop was a way for her to free herself from being a slave of trying to achieve the perfect and defined curls and instead chose to embrace her natural hair just the way it grows.


As Taren grew her hair out she embraced her undefined curls even more and loved the fact that she could make her natural hair big and bouncy.

Apart from loving her undefined, big and bouncy natural hair, Taren Guy loved being creative with colors that made her bouncy natural hair playful.

taren guy



The Big and bouncy undefined natural hair became Taren’s signature look and all of her followers on social media truly loved her style and grace.


Although, as her followers grew massively on social media Taren Guy gradually started to become more spiritual with her followers and had the desire to connect with them in a deeper level.


However, as she did she gradually became more absent from the digital media world.


When she reconnected to the digital world, Taren shared her spiritual journey on YouTube but also her new view of her natural hair journey and the natural hair community. Just a few days ago Taren Guy posted this picture on Facebook and wrote a letter to the natural hair community.

taren guy

“DEAR NATURAL HAIR COMMUNITY: Transitioning into locs has really shown me the tremendous love and vulnerability that women of color posses with words of support, wisdom, relatable testimonies and hopefulness of one day letting go of those things that keep them from moving forward in their truth.

I’ve also experienced the B side of the online natural hair community that I was aware of but still sort of blind to. A side that has truly turned this beautiful space into a commercialized industry. My locs haven’t even been a week old and I’ve already been canceled for a NATURAL HAIR event due to my hair change as it “doesn’t fit the demo and audience of the attendees” nor does it sit well with sponsors. I’m a bit disappointed, not because I won’t be attending, but because a space that was created to empower women of color with ALL types of natural hair has turned into a show that only support one type of natural. This post is not meant to be negative… It’s just real. And it’s a problem. Shout out to all of the beautiful women out there who celebrate their uniqueness while empowering and supporting women trying to do the same… Women who are keeping this beautiful space alive with the intention to educate, inspire and express themselves freely!”

Versatility Beauty&Fashion loves all types of Natural Hair, but we would like to hear  from you:

Do you agree or disagree with Taren Guy’s view of the Natural hair community having “one ideal of natural hair”?

Are you also in a journey to loc your naturalhair?

Please share your thoughts on the comment-field down below.

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