Inspired by famous YouTube natural hair and beauty vlogger Taren Guy and fitness, spiritual and beauty blogger Rene Daniella I tried the juice cleanse for 10 days; you mainly drink fresh pressed fruits- or vegetable juice. When doing the juice cleanse and if you are an active person it is not recommended to do explosive work outs.  However, power-walks and yoga is a good work out option when doing the juice-cleanse.

The first two days was challenging, but as the time went by the juice cleanse became as a regular “diet” for me. Every morning I drank one-teaspoon apple cider vinegar, one-cup herbal tea and one-glass fresh pressed orange or red orange juice.

healthy movement vbf 2015

healthy movement vbf 2015healthy movement vbf 2015I have to say during this cleanse challenge I practiced Hata-Yoga and needed something that my stomach could hold on to during my Hata-Yoga work out. Therefore, for lunch and dinner I drank one glass fresh pressed carrot and ate salad.
healthy movement vbf 2015
There was only one day I “cheated”. I went out for jogging in the late evening and I felt great when I came home. The next day I  “ate” my breakfast and went to the city for shopping. As I was walking I suddenly became so hungry that I almost fainted. I went to the nearest restaurant to order salad- but every salad they served contained either chicken, fish or shell-fish.  So for lunch that day I ate salad with scrimps.

All in all I am happy that I completed the juice cleanse for 10 days. It was an interesting journey for me; not did it only refresh my body with extra energy and vitamins, but also my mind and soul. The 10 days cleanse made me grow more spiritually and also being more grateful for my daily bread.

healthy movement vbf 2015

So if anyone would ask me if I will do the juice cleanse again, the answer with be yes. However I will do the juice cleanse for 7 days instead of 10.


I hope my juice cleanse journey has inspired you? If so please come back and share your juice cleanse journey on the comment field bellow or share it in social media network using the hashtag #healthymovementvbf2015.

Text: by Charity Odum

Images: by Charity Odum

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