Amandla Stenberg the beautiful young actress who has evolved in many ways. This is because she has embraced her authenticity, the inner activist she is to inspire young women, especially women with African decent to love for who they are.

amandla stenberg

We have seen Amandla speaking at Oprah’s Super Soul  on where she adressess her purpose of her activism of promoting “Black is beautiful”, which is to break the negative connotation of the black identity that has been portrayed in the media and in the human history for decades. Moreover, Amandla also adressess about her determination on finding her identity by embracing her authentic self of being a black girl living in this world.

We have seen beautiful Amandla together with Beyoncés visual album  Lemonade.

As we follow Amandla Stenberg on the social media Instagram we recently saw Amandla announcing that she has released her first single and music video “Let my baby stay”edited and directed by her.

We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion are so inspired by Amandla Stenberg’s authenticity and her evolution as a creative artist. Don’t you  you agree?
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