Before the hastag #MeToo was created by the actress Alyssa Milano, on October 15th, encouraging women and girls to use the hashtag on social media sharing their stories as sexual victims to empower others to share their stories, The New York Times revealed an article about Hollywood Film Producer Harvey Weinstein who has notoriously sexually harassed women in the show-business industry. Among them was the Hollywood actress Ashley Judd who shared her story on how Weinstein took advantage of her. The New York Time article was posted on October 5th.

As the #MeToo campaign has gone viral as women across the world sharing their story, we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to emphasis that the Me Too movement was actually  launched 10 years ago by an African-American woman Tarana Burke.

taran burke

According to Quartz Tarana Burke launched the movement to provide empowerment through empathy. She created the movement after meeting a girl at both-camp who shared her story, where Burke so moved she had to act on it.

Burke explains the idea behind the campaign in an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion is in awe how women can turn negativity into a strong and powerful force to spread awareness about the horrible events women and girls have experienced. Just like earlier today where the MeToo manifestation took its place Segerlstorg, Stockholm, Sweden.


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