So I was thinking about a conversation I had with a group of people few months ago where we discussed about greatest music artists of all time such as Micheal Jackson, U2, Marvin Gaye, Madonna and so forth.

There was this one guy who uttered that Micheal Jackson was no one for him and  neither Madonna. As music-fantast I am I couldn’t ignore what he said and had to respond that he had no idea what he was talking about. That music artists back in the days really put effort to their music. And if it wasn’t for Micheal Jackson’s or/and Madonna’s creativity of “seeing music”, like Beyoncé would say, Music on Television would have not been a great event. Because of Michael Jackson and Madonna MTV was the turning point for many creative music artists to blossom.


This conversation made me also think of another turning point for the ordinary people using the social media Instagram. How it has made people being known on the account of how many followers they have. But the truth of the matter why do we follow those we follow?

A great example is Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé Carter two famous people who have almost the same amount of followers on Instagram, but are known for two different reasons; One of them has worked so hard to become famous and the other became famous just being who she is.

Instagram has made it possible for many to reach for the stars in different levels. But isn’t it amazing how it has redesigned the process of becoming/being famous?

What are your thoughts?

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