..from December 2012 competition was Natalie Bupasiri...well actually she won the Carol’s Daughter products for her daughter Milea♥



Here was Natalie motivation:
“Jag är en studerande mamma som har testat massa produkter till min dotters hår men hittar inget. Och vill mer än gärna testa Carols daughter hair milk och tui hair oil som kanske kan göra under för hennes torra hår och får henne att inse hur fint hår hon har! Sist men inte minst är jag oerhört glad att Versatility Beauty &Fashion finns med mycket bra tips!!”

In English:

“I am a student and a mother, who has tried different types of hairproducts on my daughter’s hair, but haven’t found the right one yet. I would love to try both Carol’s Daughter hair milk and tui hair oil that will probably make wonders on her dry hair and will hopefully make her realize what beautiful hair she really has! Finally, Im really fond of Versatility Beauty&Fashion, with great tips and all!!” 

Versatility Beautiful&Fashion admires Natalie that she is taking her time teaching her daughter to love and embrace her beautiful curly long hair! That’s also Versatility Beautiful&Fashion’s agenda to encourage women to love who they are and their beauty no matter where they live in this planet!!!!!!

Text: Charity Odum

Photo. borrowed from Natalie Bupasiri