Goes by the name Sabrine Nagou!

Here is her motivation for why she is the one who should win Emma Noël Sheabutter balm and Desert Essence Sheabutter shampoo and conditioner:

“Hey, My name is Sabrine Nagou and I think I deserve to win Emma Noël-She butter balm and Desert Essence-Sheabutter shampoo and condtioner products. When I was younger I felt ashamed of my hair because I was always bullied for my afro. When you are so young people’s opinions matter more than anything else, so I started sadly relax my hair for several years until it began to divide and became dry. When I was 16, I realized that my hair is not the problem, it’s people’s opinions that is the problem. I cut the straight hair and let the curls come out. Today I am 28 years old and is so PROUD of my hair and roots. Would NEVER put in a relaxer in my hair AGAIN. I embrace my hair like a crowne, so I think I deserve to win products to make it healthy and strong.”


Congratulations Sabrine!  Hope you will like the products that will be sent to you this week.

Best Regards

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