hydrathermaHydratherma Naturals Hair growth plus vitamin goes by the names Candice Miller, A.Duncan and Angela!

Here are their motivations of why they are the ones whom should win Hydratherma Naturals Hair growth plus vitamin:

Candice Miller

I am claiming this win! Im on a journey to a all around healthy lifestyle from my head to me toe. All of your products will be apart of my journey! Praying I win to add this product to the healthy path I’m taking.


I suffer with alopecia and it has gotten to the point where I am self conscious out those missing spots and have tried other supplements to regain growth. Another reason Id like to try your supplements is because I recently took out some braid extensions and I saw where areas of my hair came out from the root so I am also concerned about strengthening those hair follicles.


I want to win this for my mom. Her hair is thinning due to thyroid removal and the stress from being my dad’s caregiver.


Congratulations Angela, A Duncan and Candice!

Hope you will love the product! Please send your contact information and adress to versatilitybeautyfashion@gmail.com and Hydratherma Naturals Hair growth plus vitamin will be sent to you by the one and only Saleemah Cartwright!

Versatility Beauty&Fashion also wants to thank everyone who entered for the giveaway contest for the hopes of winning the Hydratherma Naturals Hair growth plus vitamin. But never give up hope. In fact there will be more competition ahead!

Stay tuned!

Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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