Threading is a treatment for those who want a relatively painless, time and money saving hair removal. Instead of using tweezers everyday, threading will give you a more long lasting result and your skin gets smoother.
The treatment is suitable for all skin colors and is used by both women and men. Men are threading their eyebrows to prevent unibrows and to shape their beard and sideburns.

Women use threading to shape their eyebrows and to remove unwanted facial hair. This is gentler to the skin than waxing, because the waxing treatment can cause wrinkles, as it removes the top layer of the skin.

Threading is the best option for people of color, laser treatment can cause burns on dark skin , because their skin absorbs the laser energy.


No matter what race or gender you are, with threading you do not only get a better looking appearance – you also save time to do more fun things.

Threading – more than a beauty treatment

Text: by Maria Hultberg