As a part of the Healthy You campaign we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to discuss about Emotions you barely want to show in public, to anyone or sometimes to yourself. In order for you to have a healthy internal life you have to understand when there are emotions that make you feel unbalanced. The first emotion we want to adress is Sadness.

Sadness shows you the depth of your feelings, the depth of your care for others and this world!

Unfortunately, in some cultures it is taught that sadness is a sign of weakness. We at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to encourage you to never be ashamed to feel sad. Sadness only shows that you Love. And remember crying is the most precious healing for you to clarify and rebalance your soul to understand that everything is going to be OK!

However, there are two types of sadness; feeling sad vs being sad. Feeling sad demonstrates what you need to know to learn and to heal from whatever that caused you to feel sad. Being sad on the other hand is a state of mind. Sadness has taken over your personality and can affect how you live your life. That is Sadness may last in a period of time depending on the situation that may have occurred either it be a day, a week or a season, but sadness should not last for a lifetime.

Internal healing only occurs when you understand your emotions that makes you feel unbalanced and what actions you need to take to overcome it and to live your best life on earth!

We would like to hear from you how you cope with sadness and how you healed yourself from it?

Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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