Used to know (written by Mikaela Coco Urbom and produced by Alex Papadimas) a new single, released today, October 8th 2014 from the most talented Swedish song artist Mikaela Coco Urbom.

mikaela coco urbom

Right from the intro of Used to know with Coco’s calm and soulful voice in collaboration of blissful and fresh RnB and pop sound, Coco captures you into her deep and sensitive lyrics, which makes you crave for more intensity in the song. Coco does it perfectly when her singing voice becomes powerful, energetic and explosive and the sound transitions into African- and House rhythmic beat. Used to know – is a song you would love to dance in the club, work out to or even create an expressive chorography with your dance partners in the dance studio.

mikaela coco urbom

Versatility Beauty&Fashion did two interviews (in swedish) with this lovely soul of woman, one in 2011 and the other in 2012 , where Coco shares about her music career journey, her passion for fashion, her hair style creativity and more. Today Mikaela signed to a music label La Clique Music, where she both writes and records her debut album, to be released by 2015.

mikaela coco urbom

The new single Used to Know by Mikaela Coco Urbom is out now on Itunes.

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Text:  by Charity Odum