Valentines day, the revolution of Love as Madonna would say, is around the corner. It is the day we want to surprise our partners with flowers and gift. But how about surprise your partner with adventures that creates memories?

Here are 3 tips on what to do with your partner on Valentines day:

Mini weekened at home

Hotels are often associated with traveling. Lets break that ideal! You don’t have to travel far from home to celebrate Valentines Day with your loved one. Book a hotel in the city near you for at least for 2 nights.

valentines day

Creative Valentines Day

You and your partner are dressed up for this day. Why don’t you two love birds take this moment to hire a photographer like talented yasminanne to photoshoot your day together.

This lovely photo was taken by Yasminanne Photography

Home is where love is

Where is the best place to be a chef and lover at the same time? Home is where love is. Surprise your partner with a delish meal, wine with candles and all. And when you are at it, why not wear a sensual lingerie to add up the heat?



Text: Charity Odum