For the past three years through the healthy you movement campaign I have set goals to eat less meat and eat more green. My tactic was to only eat vegetarian based food during the weekdays.In the course of my “eat more greens” journey I have noticed I have been decreasing my meat intake drastically, especially when it comes to red meat. This I believe could have been the fact that after my 10 days juice/vegan challenge I started to be more conscious of what I was eating; eating for my organs and not mainly for my belly.

Listening to Super Soul conversations with Oprah, the other day, interviewing Kathy Freston of her book Veganist – a story of becoming vegan got me into consideration of becoming Vegan one day. Her story was inspiring yet important! Being a Vegan is not a trend it is a movement for a better health, healthier earth and most importantly for the sake of saving Animal lives.

So I have been now eating vegetarian based food for 10 days – a sign for me that my motivation of becoming a vegetarian is getting stronger. However, I do believe it is a process. I am leaning on to it as Kathy Freston expressed it during her interview with Oprah. With that said, this December of 2018 I will do my 21 days vegetarian challenge.
21 vegetarian challange

But I cannot do this alone. Are you also in the consideration to eat less meat or become a vegetarian? Please join and share your story using the hashtag #21daysveggiechallange. Your stories will be posted on our Instagram stories as well as

If you are vegetarian or vegan please inspire by sharing your story on the comment-field:

How you became vegetarian (or vegan)?
What made you become vegetarian/ vegan?

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