Versatility Beauty&Fashion admires Isabella Löwengrip-Spångberg more known as Blondinbella, for posting a video about her acne issues.  The main purpose of the video was to address the problem of how beauty magazines presenting models or famous personalities with “retouched” flawless skin, which indirectly affect young girls having the obsession to have the perfect skin. In addition, the popular social media photographing tool instragram “provides” filters for the user to somewhat hide the users flaws if the make up doesn’t do its job, in other words covering up the blemishes.

Blondinbella is one the most famous beauty and business blogger in Sweden and have over 1 million visitors to her blog. Isabella has been featured in beauty magazines, but never let them to retouch her skin, however uses make up that thoroughly covers her acne before being photographed.


Isabella says that the creation of the video is to encourage and inspire girls and women with acne or with any other complex to never let it be the obstacle to succeed in life. She had have tough periods when she for example was bullied at school during her teen-age years that lowered her self-esteem. However her inner strength made her eventually overcome it and partly made her become who she is today- a strong and confident woman.


Her message with the video to her readers is to instead of trying to control your facial flaws, accept it and enjoy what is important, Your Life!

Here is the inspiring video of Blondinbella – Acne and her life.


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Text:Charity Odum

Photo1: Damla Yaraman

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