Versatility beauty&fashion is pro unique beauty and loves women in different style and shapes. As we all know trends and ideal of beauties come in different forms in different time frames. This then makes women (especially girls) adapt whats in or out and how to look or feel beautiful. This is why the founder and the editor in chief of Versatility Beauty&Fashion Charity Odum created this very online magazine to encourage every women around the world to embrace their beauty and own it!

Now to get into the topic – the Stockholm-based Emmaatan  salon, run by Emma Patissier Alm, specializes in spray tanning. Tanning salons are often associated with being ‘bronzed’ (or, in a worst case scenario, ‘orange’). Emmaatan  takes it to the next level – that is  into deep brown colors with spray tan solutions like “Violet Onyx“, “Dark Ash Onyx“, “Caramel” and “Dark Chocolate.”

Here are some pictures from instagram where their customers using the spray tan.

Emmaatan spraytan

Emmaatan spraytan

Emmaatan spraytan


There have been different opinions of the spray tan and Versaility Beauty&Fashion would like to hear yours.

What do you think of the Emmaatan Chocolate spray tan?

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