Unfortunately the media have always enslaved people all over the world that there is only ONE ideal of beauty. In the western world the slim and lean body has been the ideal body since the year of 2000. However in the 1950s the “curvy body” used to be the body that most women would like to strive after in order to feel womanly and sexy. The ONE ideal of beauty makes us being totally ignorant that a woman’s body comes in different shapes and sizes; some women have the juice and goods on the front and some in the back. Some may not have no juice and goods at all! Some may have the time glass shape of body and some have the straight and athletic type of body.

The ONE ideal beauty also makes us forget that the body transforms the older we get; the body you had as a teen-ager will not be the same in your 30s. It is simply part of the nature. Point. Blank. Period! And most importantly, after giving birth your body will not be as similar as before you got pregnant.

But why do we forget all these obvious body-facts? Why are we so obsessed of ONE type of ideal of beauty?

I ask these questions because 2 months before the Victoria Secret Fashion show, the beautiful Victoria Secret Angel model Adriana Lima gave birth to a lovely daughter, Valentina. After giving birth she went on diet and worked out hard to get back in shape, in order to strut on the runway with sexy VS-lingeries. As a proud new mother she shows of her beautiful new body on the show.

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lima vs4

lima vs5

lima vs9

These images of Adriana are spread on different social media networks. Some people gave positive comments about Adrianas new womanly body, whilst others gave comments such as:
“Sexy but I think u get a little fatter than before.”
“What she is wearing made her look bigger…its too tight:( Love her still”

(Comments taken from instgram)

Why I understand people think Adriana Lima was fat during the Victoria Secret Fashion show 2012, is because the viewers are use to see and are obsessed to watch the Victoria secret Angels being perfectly slim and having the juice and goods on the right places. That is there is ONE type of Victoria Secret ideal of body. If one of the angels gains weight, in this case Adriana, people notice it immediately.

So this makes me want to ask questions to the organizers of Victoria Secret:
Why cant you have angels with different body sizes and shapes that will represent your creative and sexy lingerie on your shows?
Don’t you think that will remind people and change their state of mind that a woman’s body is diverse?
If you hired more models with curves do you think it will affect your business positively or negatively?
Why will it affect your business negatively?

What do you readers of Versatility Beauty&Fashion think of people being obsessed with ONE ideal of beauty?

/Charity Odum
Editor in Chief
Versatility Beauty&Fashion

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