As it is International Womne day today we at Versatility Beauty&Fashion want to celebrate Women around the  world that are well known and are under the radar through out this March and have therefor created the series Women we celebrate.

As African music, lies close to our hearts and the powerful woman we like to celebrate is the African music artist Miriam Makeba also known as Mama Africa.
miriam makebaBorn in Johannesburg, South Africa and was forced to find a job as a child after her Fathers death and at the age of 17 she got divorced from an abusive marriage, survived episodes of cancer, Miriam Makeba, for us, is a true survivor and stunning woman. Through it all she pursuited her dream to become an international music artist.

Apart from being a singer, Mama Africa was also an actor, UN goodwill ambassador, and civil rights activist.

Click on play to enjoy one of Miriam Makeba’s well known songs Pata Pata (Tough Touch in Xhosa language)