So a week has passed of the New Year and some of you are still holding on to your new years resolution. The most popular new years resolution is to loose weight or become fit for beach (2013).  Maybe you are one of those who buy gym-membership and work out very intensively the first-two months but loose the interest very quickly when the spring comes by? If the bell rings, Versatility Beauty&Fashion may have the answer why you loose the interest in holding on to your new years resolution. You don’t see working out as a lifestyle but just as an easy and quick fix for the summer period!

That is, the key to make working-out as your lifestyle is to work out wisely.

If you are a new beginner and your resolution is to become fit, here are some tips on how to stay fit in lifetime:


You can walk the first week in 30min and than escalate your walking with 10min every week. Another option is to still walk in 30min but speed your walking up every week. After a month you will automatically feel the need of jogging.


Jog for 25min and than escalate with 5 minutes every week. Another alternative is to jog in intervals in 25 min.


When you feel that your condition is getting better, start vary your work outs with:

  • Swimming, which is a perfect work out combination on your condition, your mobility and strength.
  • Go to spinning, dance or aerobic classes.
  • Hit the gym and lift some weights.
  • Yoga is a good work out which stregnthens your body inside-out!

Last but not least, To keep up your motivation to make working out as you lifestyleremember to have fun and to rest every fourth week. 

Hope this work out tip will help you to stop having work out as your every new years resolution?!

Text: Charity Odum