Yoga has become one of my top favorite work-out routine. It was back in 2014 I decided to add Yoga in my work out regimen. I was really a newbie and felt that I wanted to learn Yoga from scratch before I ever considered joining a yoga class at a gym or in a yoga studio.

After many thoughts on how I should get my Yoga game on I suddenly thought of YouTube and stared to do my research on Yoga tutorials for newbie.

After many researches on Yoga tutorials Tara Stiles caught my attention.

tara stilesHer Yoga tutorials are really informative and educational. You can read more about Tara Stiles here.

Here are some Yoga tutorials by Tara Stiles I currently practice on.

I have watched these tutorials over and over again and at the same time practiced together with it. Today I can do them by heart and sometimes I do one or I combine two or three of the tutorials. I can also say that in the beginning the Yoga moves were hard, but it gets easier for every day you practice. In addition to that, the more you practice the more you will feel and see your body becoming stronger and flexible.

If you have long considered to practice yoga but don’t know where to start I hope my experience on getting my Yoga game on has inspired you, that is to Yoga with YouTube.

I would love for you to share your story on how you started to yoga.

Please also share your favorite Yoga instructor on Youtube.

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